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AI Learning environment AI ”ATLAS” aiming to fully autonomous driving: Interview with Ascent robotics Ishizaki. (Linked article is in Japanese)

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PlayStation creator backs start-up that uses ‘theoretical neuroscience’ for self-driving cars

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Ascent robotics research scientist, Anthony DeCostanzo’s comments are quoted. What AI can learn from nature  

Contributed to Nikkei Robotics

Ascent robotics contributed ICLR 2018 report to Nikkei Robotics. [Nikkei Robotics] Many Result about GAN, Meta-Learning, Reinforcement Learning are published. ICLR2018 Detail Report (linked article is in Japanese)

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Weekly Toyo-Keizai “Business hints are here, great startups 100” come out on 9th July. (link is amazon purchase page)