Our research team at Ascent focuses on machine learning including but not limited to deep neural models, reinforcement learning algorithms and biologically inspired models with the goal of building general purpose learning algorithms for robotic systems. We are looking for engineers and researchers with the ability to build and deploy promising ideas quickly and broadly.

At Ascent we are creating a passionate and engaging culture, combining the best of academia and product-led environments, providing a balance of structure and flexibility. Our approach encourages collaboration across all groups within the Research team, leading to creativity and innovative breakthroughs at the forefront of robotic research.

Ascent was founded in Tokyo in 2016 and work with some of the most interesting companies in the world. We are well funded and building a world class team.



Company Name: Ascent Robotics inc.
Incorporated: September 9th 2016
CEO: Masayuki Ishizaki
Co-founder, Chief architect: Fred Almeida
Office: 1-6-10 Hiroo, Giraffa 11F, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Major Business Area:
Research and Development of
– Deep Reinforcement Learning and Deep learning technologies
– Software and Hardware of autonomous controlled robotics system
– AI application and cloud computing system




Tokyo office
11F Giraffa, 1-6-10 Hiroo,
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0012 Japan